Here are ruled out ideas and scrapped content in Crusaders of the Lost Idols similar to Clash of Clans/Clash Royale what Erika said we have no plans or don't plan (anytime or any longer) to add any content to this game.

  • Ruled out - idea that has not been "cancelled".
  • Scrapped - content that has been cancelled.

List of ruled out ideas[]

    • Pay-to-win Crusaders to become available via missions (ruled out/scrapped)
    • Taskmasker to add all crusader and maximize gold find (might possibly be scrapped)
    • The change of the length of the tutorial (may possibly be ruled out or scrapped)
    • The additional stats that are provided on the new ICotFR reset page are you considering adding them to the CotLI page (possibly ruled out, may be possibly scrapped)
    • Remove Idol Debuff (ruled out and then scrapped)
    • Secondary Legendary Effect (ruled out, possible to be scrapped in the future)
    • High Tier/Rarity higher than Legendary, like Ultimate or whatever (ruled out, possible to be already scrapped in the future)
    • Multiplayer Features (ruled out, possibly scrapped in the future)
    • Challenge Tokens available via missions (ruled out, possibly scrapped in the future)
    • More effects on Legendary items (ruled out, might be scrapped in the future)
    • Offline progress to the PC version of this game (ruled out and scrapped)
    • The revamping of the bonuses by Legendary items (ruled out, might be possibly scrapped in the future.)
    • Revisiting old crusaders (ruled out, but might be possibly scrapped in the future.)
    • Backstories of all crusaders (ruled out, but might be possibly scrapped in the future.)
    • Bringing back Yogscast Crusaders in future tier events (ruled out, technically scrapped.)
    • To convert this game from Flash to HTML5 (ruled out, and scrapped)
    • To give Storm Rider a change (ruled out, uncertain to be scrapped)
    • Retheming of the crusaders (ruled out and then scrapped)
    • Crusaders with same bench seat to be seated in the formation simultaneously. (ruled out or scrapped)
    • To open 1000 chests at once (might be ruled out and possibly scrapped)
    • To add whisper function (ruled out, it's unclear whether it's uncertain to be scrapped)
    • To have 16-slot character formation in upcoming Seasonal Dungeons. (ruled out, uncertain to be scrapped).
    • To get runic chests in the future rather than the 10-weekly. (ruled out, but it is unclear)
    • To have further changes on Zuczek. (ruled out)
    • To have further buff on dungeon points and buffs in next subsequent seasons. (ruled out)